The Holidays are Great for Fundraising with Cookie Dough!


Nothing says holidays like the delicious scent of cookies wafting through your home!

Cookie dough has been one of the fastest-growing fundraising products in recent years. With some organization and teamwork, it can bring in a lot of money for your school or organization. Cookie dough is a great product because everybody loves delicious cookies and frozen dough can keep for months in a freezer. And with the holidays coming up now is the perfect time to get started with a great cookie dough fundraiser to hook your community up with affordable, delicious cookies. Here are some tips and strategies for your cookie dough fundraiser.

Great Food, Better Value

Would you sell food that you wouldn’t eat yourself? One of the best ways to sell cookie dough is by giving out samples of the finished product! You’ll create a positive impression with the products which leads to bigger sales. And cookie dough is very affordable for many communities’ standards, so this is really a fundraiser that anybody can afford.

Careful Planning is Key

Frozen food fundraising carries some additional planning with it that some fundraisers don’t need. Namely, the importance of delivering the tubs promptly and/or freezing it. You’ll want to get clarification from the fundraising company how long the dough can last outside of a freezer. This can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few hours. Make sure everyone involved in the fundraiser knows how important it is to get the product delivered in a timely fashion.

Have Fun!

The holidays are all about enjoying time with your family. You can tap into this when making your fun fundraising pitch. Explain to prospective buyers how fresh-baked cookies can bring a family together and create lasting memories. What’s better on a snowy day than a cup of hot cocoa and the smell of fresh cookies wafting through the home?

Making your fundraising efforts successful before the holidays will give your school or organization plenty of funds to operate when the kids come back from the holiday break.

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