3 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Fundraiser’s Profitability


Here are the top three tips that will help you promote your fundraiser on Instagram.

When looking for ways to promote your cause, turning to social media platforms is a great way to get your message out there. The only difficult part is choosing from the many platforms that are available. Most of them do the same thing, but which ones are the most relevant? Instagram has gained considerable traction in the last ten years, and is, arguably, the most prominent social media platform there is. Your fundraiser needs to remain relevant and stay on-message, and this is easily done with the help of Instagram. Here are the top three tips that will help you promote your fundraiser on Instagram.

Introduce Your Cause

Chances are that you already have a personal Instagram account, so you probably already have experience using the app. For your fundraiser, you’ll need to make another account. Your first few posts should introduce who you are, what your cause is, and why it’s important to others. Take pictures of what you’re selling and whatever it is your raising money for. This way, you’ll ensure that people know what you’re fundraiser’s purpose is and what your goals are.

Promote Your Site

Your Instagram account should lead directly to your fundraiser’s website. Make sure that you include the link to the website in the description of the account. It’s also important that you share the link in each post that you make throughout your fundraiser’s progress.

Think of a Great Hashtag

Instagram is all about the hashtags. If you can think of a snappy, memorable hashtag, the more likely you’ll be able to have more people posting about your cause. Maybe create a hashtag for donors who have just recently contributed to your cause so that they can share their good news with their followers as well.


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