Why Choose to Fundraise with Food?


fundraise with food

Why should you fundraise with food?

Food is something that everyone not only needs, but enjoys. Sharing the gift of a wonderful flavor is a great way to raise funds and boost morale within the community. Not only that, but you can team up with your child to do it and they will reap benefits as well. Would you like to learn more about why you should fundraise with food? Let’s take a look.

Food brings people together.

There is something special about giving someone the gift of flavor. Be it popcorn, brownies, or pizza, there is always a smile that lights up on the recipient’s face when they bite down on something delicious. When you use tasty goodies to help your child raise money for a wonderful cause, you are also spreading joy and fun to the whole community. People are much more likely to attend events of any kind when food is present. So, if you choose to decide to host a big soiree for your cause, you can drum up interest by taking orders for some of our yummy treats and having a night of deliveries and deliciousness.

Make fundraising rewarding for the customer as well as the organization with delicious gifts.

Rather than simply asking for a donation, you are giving charitable people something in return for their support. There is a reason for them to give to your cause even if they’re not necessarily invested in it, making your fundraising potential much more viable in the long run. Not to mention the fact that the wonderful product options that we have are enticing on their own. Many fundraisers we have worked with have become annual traditions because our snacks, desserts, and savory meals are so popular. You can take advantage of our commitment to quality and fundraise in style when you work with Claire’s Gourmet!

Team Up with Claire’s Gourmet for Your Next Fundraiser!

Claire’s Gourmet has been offering amazing fundraising programs for kids and their parents to raise money for the causes they love since 1969. We offer a wide variety of options within our product catalogs such as desserts, easy-to-heat meals, sweet treats, popcorn, and even a special selection of holiday gifts! Help your child learn amazing skills and raise funds for a cause they are passionate about with Claire’s Gourmet by contacting us today! You can also keep up with sweet tips and updates by following our blog!

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