Four Tips for Writing a Great Fundraising Letter

fundraising letter

These four tips will allow you to write a fundraising letter that will encourage potential donors to contribute to your cause with a smile.

Writing the perfect fundraising letter is an art form. They must be persuasive, well edited, and above all, they must be written with compassion and feeling that will warm the heart of the reader. Crafting an excellent fundraising letter can be learned as long as you have a keen eye for detail and a love of the cause you’re writing for. These four tips will allow you to write a fundraising letter that will encourage potential donors to contribute to your cause with a smile.

Keep the Letter Personal

While you may be tempted to stick to formal third person pronouns when you’re trying to win the empathy of your reader you want to emphasize the personal touch. Switching to “I” and “You” can keep your letter out of the trash bin. This is because it implores the reader that it is them, explicitly, who will be making a difference.

Focus on Benefits

One trick that can help you is to focus on the benefit a donor will receive rather than the need you must fill. Intangible benefits are a significant reward, and your readers will be more drawn in if these benefits are highlighted. If you can offer tangible rewards, these should be highlighted as well.

Keep Your Requests Specific

Let your reader know exactly what it is you need. If that is volunteers for an event, help with specific projects, or monetary donations. While it’s tempting to ask for “support” the request is vague and leaves your reader feeling unsure of the best way to contribute.

Create a Sense of Urgency

If possible, adding a reason to give sooner is always a great way to help meet fundraising goals. Having a donation matching deadline, a specific budget period, or a holiday fundraising goal can help create urgency. If you are using a mailing service, do make sure to be careful of dates as mail might arrive after the period specified. Instead, you may want to mail far in ahead for holiday or budget periods or run a matched donation in terms of numbers rather than dates.  

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