Fundraising Support

Fundraiser Announcement

A quick overview of the fundraiser that can be read during announcements.

Claire’s Gourmet Food Program
Poppin Popcorn Program

10 Days of Facebook Posts 

Fund Raiser Instructions and FAQS

Helpful instructions from start to finish of your fundraiser

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Summary Sheet and Order Forms

Use this form if you need an additional Summary Sheet. Just remember to fill in the ORGANIZATION NAME and STUDENT NAME at the top of the form.Click to open and print:

Claire’s Gourmet 2021 Food Program Order Form
Claire’s Gourmet 2021 Summary Sheet
Salty and Sweet Popcorn Program Summary Sheet
$10 Popcorn Program

Food Delivery and Setup

Helpful instructions for delivery and setup of your Claire’s Gourmet order.

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Wall Signs

Print these signs before your delivery, they will assist in the distribution of the fundraising products. Click to open and print:

Claire’s Gourmet Food Program
Salty and Sweet Popcorn Program
$10 Popcorn Program

Reminder Flyer

Use this sample flyer to send home a reminder of the delivery date for the fundraising product. Just fill in the pick up date and time.

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