Use Social Media to Promote Your Fundraising Efforts!

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Social media can help get the word out about you organization’s fundraiser.

Picture this: you’ve spent months organizing and preparing for having a fun and amazing fundraiser. Everything is ready to go and you’re ready for people to start buying the amazing pizzas you have for sale or whatever else you might be using to raise money for your organization. What more could you be doing to really take your fundraising efforts to the next level? How about social media! Effective social media use can really make a successful fundraiser. Here are some ways of doing this.

Let Facebook Friends and Fans Know About the Fundraiser

Facebook has a larger reach than we can even imagine, so it’s a very effective tool for getting the word out about a fundraising effort. Don’t just post text-based status updates either – really make your appeal stand out on the timeline by posting pictures and creative videos about the fundraiser. Think about what sorts of things make you stop when scrolling downward, and go in that kind of direction. You can also create Facebook events and invite friends and followers to join!

Craft a Neat Hashtag for Twitter (and other Social Networks)

Hashtags are a great way for your followers on Twitter to find relevant information about your fundraiser. So craft a good one so that your followers can get this info. You can even use these hashtags on other networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Promoting on YouTube

YouTube videos are great tools for your organization because they’re easy to share! No matter what social media your friends, family, and followers are on, chances are they can share a YouTube video on it. The key to making a successful YouTube video is keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. Usually, people don’t want to sit through a video lasting longer than 5 minutes. And be creative! Making a memorable video is a great way to get the message out about your fundraising efforts and your cause.

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