Why Your Child Should Write Thank You Notes

thank you notes

Writing thank you notes is a really nice gesture your child should make after a fundraiser.

We have discussed before some of the lessons children learn from taking part in a fundraising effort. After a fundraiser, one of the nicest things your child can do is write thank you notes to all the people who supported them. After all, they are the ones who will reap the benefits of the organization’s new funds! For supporters, there is something gratifying about receiving a thank you note. Here are some other reasons your child should write thank you notes after a fundraiser.

Strengthens Relationships

When the supporter receives a thank you note, they realize how grateful your child is. It makes them feel special that the child thought enough about them to thank them formally. Plus it increases the likelihood that that person will contribute again in a future fundraiser. Kindness like that isn’t easily forgotten.

Teaches Your Child Gratitude

By writing thank you notes for their supporters, children learn more about gratitude themselves! The act of writing a note takes a little bit of time, and thus teaches the importance of being grateful in their own lives.

Makes a Good Impression

Especially for fundraising supporters outside of your family, having children write thank you notes reflects well on you as a parent and on the organization the child is fundraising for. It’s truly amazing how much a single thank you note might change or reinforce positive perceptions.

Brighten Somebody’s Day

Thank you notes are increasingly becoming a rarity in today’s world. Most people don’t even bother with them after receiving a gift or interviewing for a job. The supporters who receive thank you notes may be a little shocked to get them because of this. But everyone likes to feel appreciated. When your child sends a thank you note, that’s exactly what they’re saying to their supporters, “I appreciate you”. And that can brighten anyone’s day!

No matter what sort of fun fundraiser your child participates in, from pizza to popcorn and others, thank you notes should be an essential final step!

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