Your Next Fundraiser Should Be with Pizza!


Check out our pizza fundraiser for a popular, fun idea for your group!

Here at Claire’s Gourmet, one of our favorite fundraising ideas for your children is our frozen pizza program. Pizza might be America’s favorite food, as the staggering number of pizzerias around can attest to. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month! If you’re looking for a fun fundraiser with a high customer base potential, check out our pizza fundraiser! Here are some other reasons you should choose it for your group.

Fundraise with One of the Nation’s Most Popular Foods

How many people do you know that would name pizza as their favorite food? Probably quite a few! When you start a product fundraiser, one of the most important things to do is make sure you’re choosing a product that your children will be able to sell easily. Pizza is not complicated, and most children are natural pizza lovers, so their enthusiasm for their product will be very evident when they hit the fundraising trail!

People are Already Buying a Lot of It

When you decide to fundraise with pizza, you are providing buyers with a product that they purchase a lot of anyway. Even if they aren’t going out to their local pizzeria too often, most people are already purchasing frozen pizzas or bagel bites from their local supermarket. Your children can appeal to this when they’re making their sales pitch!

It’s Great Year-Round!

Many other product fundraisers deal with more seasonal items that aren’t suited for the whole year. But pizza is not limited to any season – it’s good year-round! On cold winter nights, you can stick a frozen pizza in the oven and keep warm by the fire. On hot summer days, you can bake it on the grill! Pizza is enjoyed all year and frozen pizza can be there for your buyers any time that craving hits!

Team Up with Claire’s Gourmet for Your Next Pizza Fundraiser!

Claire’s Gourmet has been offering amazing fundraising programs for kids and their parents to raise money for the causes they love since 1969. We offer a wide variety of options within our product catalogs such as dessertseasy-to-heat mealssweet treatspopcorn, and even a special selection of holiday gifts! Help your child learn amazing skills and raise funds for a cause they are passionate about with Claire’s Gourmet by contacting us today! You can also keep up with sweet tips and updates by following our blog!

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