What Can Your Kids Learn From Fundraising?



Fundraising can teach your kids many wonderful things!

Fundraisers give children and the organizations that they are passionate about the financial backing that they need to succeed. Whether the funds go to a new set of equipment, transportation to a competition, or a new facility, the benefits of fundraising are quite clear. However, there is more that you child can get from being involved in a fundraising experience. Your child can learn valuable skills that will help them to grow into amazing adults. Let’s take a look at some of those skills.

People skills are an important part of fundraising efforts.

Being able to smile, look someone in the eyes, and speak clearly are all important people skills that every child can benefit from. When they participate in fundraising efforts, they will learn how to do these things not only by watching the adults in their circles do so, but by getting ample practice as well. In the comfort of a school fundraiser, your kids will be able to try out their formative people skills in an environment that can accommodate shyness and allow them to blossom.

Setting goals are an excellent skill kids can learn.

Part of the planning process for a fundraiser is coming up with clear goals. When you integrate your child into the planning process, they can see not only how goals come into being, but how you plan to meet those goals. The simple act of watching the plan relinquish results will show kids involved the value of planning and how they can one day achieve long term goals. Not only that, but older kids may learn about things like money management and the joy of volunteer work. These are the kinds of skills that will serve children for the rest of their lives. Give them the opportunity to grow by involving them in your next fundraiser with Claire’s Gourmet.

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