The ‘Other’ Benefits of Kids Fundraising


Fundraising teaches your children a sense of civic responsibility – like they’re all on the same team!

Often if we are asked why fundraising is important for our kids, the answer seems obvious. Clearly, we have children engage in fundraising to raise money for an organization they are involved in. Have you ever paused to wonder about what else we might be teaching our children when we engage them in fundraising? Last week we talked a little about how parents can use fundraising to teach their children valuable lessons in finances. But there are a few other things kids can learn when they fundraise that benefit them and their community.

The Pride of Ownership

Fundraising allows children to feel a sense of pride of ownership with their organization. It empowers children by giving them the ability to control the organization’s destiny, in a sense. They have not received the funds needed to operate the organization through some sort of charity. They have, instead, earned the experiences that their fundraising efforts have netted them.

Fundraising Makes a Big Impact

In general, there is a growing pressure for schools and organizations to “do more with less”. Unfortunately, this is usually given as a reason for cutting programs not deemed essential by authorities. Many formative childhood experiences are lost as a result of this ideal, such as trips to museums and concerts. This is also keenly felt by arts programs in schools, which are usually the first areas that funding cuts are made. Fundraising can save these programs that alter worldviews and change young lives by providing funding when school or community support is cut.

Giving a Sense of Civic Responsibility

Fundraising creates the awareness in children that they are part of a larger community. They find out that this puts a certain responsibility on their shoulders and gives them a sense of empowerment to positively impact that community. When they raise funds for other causes, it teaches them to be grateful for what they have and that they have the ability to help others who are less fortunate. As it has been shown that children who participate in service causes at a young age continue to do so as they get older, it is a gift that will benefit their community for years to come!

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