Fundraising Can Teach Children Financial Lessons

financial lessons

You can use fundraising to teach your kids valuable financial lessons!

It’s no secret that children can learn many valuable lessons from fundraising opportunities. Setting goals and learning people skills are a couple of ways your child can benefit from fundraising. Parents can also use fundraising as an opportunity to teach their children valuable financial lessons. These money management skills can be taken with them as they grow up and can be applied later on in life. What are some of these financial lessons that you can pass on to your children through fundraising?

Setting Goals

Fundraising is a great way to teach goal setting which can be applied later in life. Many fundraisers offer a tiered prize system for selling certain dollar amounts or a certain number of a particular item. By taking the time to sit with your child and analyze the time and resources available, you can help your child set realistic sales expectations. Also, make sure they understand that they do not just benefit themselves through the prizes that could be earned, more importantly, they benefit themselves by raising money for their organization! The goal setting skills they learn in fundraising can help children later on with saving allowance or job earnings for a bigger purchase.

Applying Basic Math Skills

You can help your child learn the basic math skills used in sales. Counting change owed to customers, totaling up sales, and figuring the amount of sales needed to reach the goal are all skills that children can learn through fundraising.

Learning Business Skills

Fundraising can help spark an interest in entrepreneurship for your child. They may end up being fascinated by the goal setting, budgeting, and customer service that every capitalist enterprise uses. Your child will learn about all of these through the simple act of fundraising.

Teaching Responsible Financial Lessons

Perhaps the most influential reason to take up children’s fundraising is the opportunity for parents to teach their children about responsibility. Parents can use their own financial responsibilities as a mirror when imparting these lessons onto their children. By setting a good example with your own finances, you can give your children lessons that they will take with them for life.

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