How to Write the Best Fundraiser Thank You Notes

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Here are a few tips when crafting original and thoughtful thank you notes for your donors.

After you’ve reached your fundraising goal and have finished every last detail of the fundraising event itself, it’s time to get writing. The art of handwritten thank you notes may be fading out of popularity, but you don’t have to let that happen with this year’s fundraiser. You want your thank you notes to feel personal and in-tune with your donors, so create the personalized thank you notes that they deserve. Here are a few tips when crafting original and thoughtful thank you notes for your donors.

Be On-Time

Timeliness is at the top of the list because it is a very important aspect of thank you note writing. If you let too much time go by, it makes it seem as though you didn’t put as much thought or effort into this process as you probably should have. It’s not a bad idea to write thank you notes immediately after your fundraiser ends and to send them out as soon as you possibly can.

Be Sincere

Remember, you are not simply saying, “Thank you” to your donors. You want that message to come across while maintaining sincerity and engagement with your donors. Consider adding a positive update or inspiring message to your note. Without being too verbose, think about an inspirational quote that is relevant to your cause or a positive fact about your fundraising process.

Be Informative

Another very important aspect of thank you letter writing is showing your donors exactly how their personal contribution is being used by your efforts. People who are generous enough to give to your cause want to see how it will benefit whatever organization you are raising for, so add those details in your writing. Describe what each donation has helped to accomplish, and discuss future plans. This is a great way to keep donors in the loop for future fundraising events.

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