4 Warm-Weather Fundraising Ideas for Spring

spring fundraiser

Make this spring’s fundraiser exciting by taking advantage of the warmer weather with these sunny-day ideas.

After a long and dreary winter with snow that made an appearance even into the early days of spring, you are more than likely ready to get outside and stretch those legs. Make this spring’s fundraiser exciting by taking advantage of the warmer weather. These warm-weather fundraising ideas are sure to win the approval of your kids as well as all of your potential donors.

Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter coming soon, an Easter egg hunt fundraiser would be the perfect opportunity to involve young children and their families. Everyone can enjoy the search for the golden egg, collecting candy and coins along the way.

Earth Day Hike

This year, Earth Day falls on Sunday, April 22nd, so it would be easy to organize an Earth Day Hike over the weekend or the week prior. This fundraising idea is perfect for older elementary school students as well as middle school and high school students. Chaperones will be needed, but any adult willing to come on the hike will likely be a willing participant in the fundraising efforts as well.

Flower Delivery

Organizing a flower delivery service for your fundraising efforts is the freshest, sweetest-smelling option out there. Buy a variety of springtime flowers and arrange them into beautiful bouquets that you and your children can deliver right to your donors’ homes.

5k Run

It’s warm out, which means it’s time to tie up those running shoes. 5Ks and other small fun runs and walks are great ways to draw people’s attention to your fundraiser. Map out an area in your neighborhood or around your child’s school where most people are familiar with the route. Make sure it’s a sunny day, as you will surely have a better turn out when the weather cooperates.

Claire’s Gourmet Keeps Fundraising Fun!

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