How to Teach Kids Lifelong Skills Through Fundraising


Children involved in fundraising learn a lot about their community and themselves as a result of their experience.

Now that school spring fundraisers are coming to an end, it’s time to access what your child learned from their fundraising experience. They put a lot of time and effort into their fundraiser, and all that hard work has paid off in more ways than just reaching your fundraising goal. Children involved in fundraising learn a lot about their community and themselves as a result of their experience. Here are some ways in which your child has benefited from his or her involvement in school fundraisers throughout the school year.

Interpersonal Skills

Customer service skills are probably the most important skill set that your child picked up during his or her fundraising efforts. Learning how to properly and politely interact with people of all ages is important in everyday life. Doing this, though, with adults is quite an accomplishment for younger students. Polishing up social skills through fundraising builds confidence in talking to adults and forces children to think critically about what they are selling and how they are selling it. The sharpening of these social skills will aid them in public speaking and enable them to feel more confident about themselves in general.

Time Management

Every single person struggles with time management. It is crucial to even the youngest students to understand how important it is to organize priorities appropriately. Learning how to properly manage time at a young age will help your child throughout the rest of his or her life. Balancing school with fundraising efforts, sports, friends, and other extracurricular activities can really start to add up. Showing your child how to schedule things and make lists will not only make them a more prepared student later in their academic careers, but it will mold them into a better-prepared adult in the long-run.


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