Why is Product Fundraising So Successful?

Product Fundraising

Product fundraising affords opportunities for children and organizations all over the country!

For years, product fundraising has been one of the most successful ways that schools and youth organizations raise money for programs. According to studies, nearly $2 billion are raised every year through this approach. This money pays for programs such as field trips, music, art, athletics, and others that enrich the lives of young people which may not be covered by group budgets. No matter what kind of products you may decide to fundraise with, from frozen pizza and dessert products to fresh bake sales, it’s clear that your program can reap the benefits afforded by this opportunity. Why is product fundraising so successful? Here are some reasons.

The Majority of Americans Participate in It

Every year, millions of parents and children participate in product fundraising programs. Surveys have shown that 75% of all Americans purchase fundraising products during any given year. Sales to families comprise the majority of fundraising sales, and as such, the drive for parents and children to go door-to-door is minimized. Support from family and friends is the indicator of the modern successful product fundraiser!

Many Different Options Available

Schools and organizations have a wide range of options available when it comes to choosing a product fundraiser. This allows them to choose a program that is suited for their unique needs and can be as successful as possible. These programs offer many other benefits that can minimize the burden on parents and volunteers. For example, many programs will offer the aid of a fundraising consultant who can use their expertise in the field to help with organizational efforts and develop successful strategies for your initiatives.

An Important Resource for Youth

Product fundraising often involves more than simply bringing money into an organization. Parents and educators recognize that fundraising can offer clear benefits for children who participate in it. They learn civic values and become more involved in their local communities. Fundraising can promote school or organizational spirit and a camaraderie with their fellow participants. And it can build self-esteem and leadership skills critical to their development.

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