How to Keep Your Students Motivated Until Summer

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Learn how to keep your students motivated until summer break!

The last few weeks of any school year can be tough to push through with summer break on the near horizon. A few weeks ago we discussed how to help parents keep their children learning during spring break, now let’s explore some ways to keep your students engaged and motivated until summer.

Embrace the Agenda Book

Agenda books are given at the beginning of the year to keep students organized and motivated to do their assignments, instead of leaving it in a locker or in a discarded school bag, pull them out! Sit down with your student or child and remind them of the interesting things they learned this year (useful in casually studying for a final exam) and remind them of events they participated in or fundraisers they took part in.

Make Some Goals

Most children want to take it easy after spring break anticipating the end of the year but instead of slacking off or not taking their work seriously, work with your student to set a goal and map out steps to achieve it. Maybe they want to get an A in biology or at least ace the final; explore the options with your student and help them set a goal and stick to.

Extra Credit

Students sometimes need an extra boost at the end of the semester to reach their goals and can really benefit from the extra credit. By giving additional optional assignments you’re also giving incentive. Consider the needs of your department, would a fundraising campaign help raise funds? Consider giving students extra credit for how much they sell and keep them motivated.


Remind your students that their grades and the work they are doing now have a dramatic effect on their life from the college they get into to the job they eventually have. Make getting better grades and improving themselves a constant thought in your classroom or home. Create daily reminders and encourage them to create a schedule that surrounds academic achievement.

Don’t Be Afraid to Offer Help

End of the year projects and exams can stress any teacher or student out. Encourage your students to hire a tutor if need be, or if you can, make yourself available for after school study or questions.

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