5 Ways to Support School Fundraising During Summer Break

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You don’t have to take a break from fundraising this summer!

A school’s fundraising business never ends however and there is always a need to be filled. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to support school fundraising when class isn’t in session. Let’s explore! 

Loyalty Programs

There are plenty of ways to support your school without deviating from your normal schedule or going out of your way, one way is through loyalty programs. Some loyalty programs like My Coke Rewards will use your purchases to go toward school donations by redeeming purchases for “points.” Other loyalty programs from some restaurants like Red Robin reward your school by donating a percentage every time you eat there. A summer treat can go a long way to helping your school!

Fundraise through Groceries

You can support your school all year by just shopping for particular brands in your groceries. Brands like Kellog’s have codes attached to groceries that give points and money to schools and can be bought all year long. Save these during the summer and cash them in during the school year.

School Responsibility

One great way of reminding families to keep fundraising is by developing good strategies to reach out. Social media is great way to remind people of needs during the school year and summer. It also reminds parents and teachers of any special product fundraisers the school is doing.


By signing up online and becoming a fan of your local school, you can earn automatic donations for every purchase you make from stores, hotels or airlines you’ve selected. Donate money back to your school on summer vacation and back to school shopping.

Make it a Habit

Philanthropy is a muscle we have to exercise, it’s not always going to come easily but it’s always worth it. When fundraising is a daily habit, the pressure to fundraise during the school year won’t be as intense and you can have the satisfaction of making progress all year long.


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