4 Spring Break Activities To Enjoy With Your Children

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Enjoy spring break!

Spring break is just around the corner, which means the kids will be spending more time at home. Luckily, there are many different ways to keep your children entertained and learning over the course of spring break, and here are some of our favorites.

Hit the Beach

If you live near a sandy beach, take the time to go enjoy the water for a day or two. Beaches are a great place to play around with engineering and science, so be sure to bring along some pails and shovels.

Visit Some Greenery

The beautiful greenery at the National Arboretum is a great place for kids during spring break. There are many different educational programs to teach them about the importance of conservation and plant life. Even better, your kids will have a long day of walking and playing, so you won’t get any complaints when it’s bedtime.

Head to the Movies

There are plenty of kid-friendly movies in theaters right now, so take an afternoon to head to the movies. Movies are a great way to get kids who are far apart in age to spend time with each other (even if you have to bribe them with movie theater candy!).

See the Sights

Museums are a great way to bring some education into spring break, and the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas are two of the most museum-rich areas in the country. Have each child pick a museum to visit, or search for one that fits their interests perfectly. Everything from industry to airplanes, to dinosaurs has a perfect museum within a 2-hour drive.  

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