How to Use Social Media for Fundraising

How to Use Social Media for Fundraising

Social media also has many benefits for fundraising and you can use its many platforms to inform the community of your goals.

The internet is an excellent tool for fundraising, especially when it comes to publicizing your project and gathering information. You can use it as a research tool and a way to keep track of all your endeavors. Social media also has many benefits for fundraising and you can use its many platforms to inform the community of your goals. Let’s get you started on using social media to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Stay Connected

Social media provides an excellent way to stay connected with people that you want to know about your fundraiser. It allows you to invite people to your pages and give them the information they’ll need to participate and contribute. You will also have a central location to come back to, where you can answer questions and provide more information as you get closer to reaching your goal. Use social media platforms to stay engaged by posting on a regular basis.

Increase Visibility

Speaking of staying engaged, social media will help increase the visibility of your fundraising campaign. Every time you update your status, share a new picture, or create a new post you are reminding people about your organization and the cause that you want to support. It will give the community the motivation they need to reach out and get involved with your campaign. Share links from your social media pages to the official website of the cause that you’re supporting. It shows legitimacy and allows people to see where their money and other contributions are going.


Everyone has access to social media on their smartphones or laptops. You can reach a wide audience, beyond just your community, and it also allows your supporters to get involved by sharing your events and posts with their followers and friends. It will make the information regarding your fundraiser easy to find, which gives people the ability to contribute in a much easier way. Including donation links and buttons takes away the excuse to not get involved.

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