The Origins of Giving Tuesday

Present Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday emphasizes that anyone can be a philanthropist with their time, money, and advocacy.

This past Tuesday was the annual celebration of Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is an annual day of giving that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday that emphasizes a collective ownership on philanthropy. It is based on the concept that anyone can be a philanthropist – money isn’t required for one to give, they can give time, education, or advocacy. The origins of Giving Tuesday may provide some context and opportunity for reflection on your own and your children’s fundraising efforts.

The Beginning

Giving Tuesday originated in 2012. The organizers, the 92nd Street Y, think of the concept as an experiment. It strives to make the movement as decentralized as possible in order to attract many different kinds of people who may have something to contribute. According to the founders of Giving Tuesday, they follow the theory raised by authors Matthew Bishop and Michael Green. These two postulated that the best way to solve large social problems isn’t through delegating one organization to one problem, but instead having many organizations and people working together to solve many problems.

Who is Involved with Giving Tuesday?

The people involved with Giving Tuesday unite leaders from the technology, fundraising, and marketing worlds as ambassadors for the foundation. The UN Foundation has also become involved with the communications of the organization and have brought various businesses together to contribute as well.

What does Giving Tuesday Entail?

One of the most common questions asked about the organization is what it entails for someone who wants to participate. The answer is literally anything! The foundation is agnostic towards causes, platforms, and charities, and it only asks that whoever wishes to participate in the efforts simply participates in whatever manner they deem most meaningful to them. Whether you decide to donate to a cause important to you, give your time to a soup kitchen or food bank, or call your lawmakers on behalf of a good cause, your efforts on Giving Tuesday are very important and appreciated!

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