4 Fundraising Safety Tips

4 Fundraising Safety Tips

Use these tips to keep your child safe during their fundraising efforts!

A fundraiser will not only support a worthy cause, but it can be a great way to teach children responsibility and leadership. But when you involve children in the campaign, it’s important that all measures are taken to keep them safe. Working with partners, in groups, and having a plan of action are all necessary when children are away from home and school. Check out these four safety tips.

Adult Supervision

If young people are going to be the face of the fundraising campaign, then it’s important that they have adult supervision at all times. This is especially important if your campaign involves any door-to-door sales pitches.

Identify Safe Spaces

Never allow young children to approach people’s homes without your presence. Constantly remind them of the dangers of going into a stranger’s home and be sure that you drive them to all locations and stand with them. The same goes for approaching adults at sporting events, or even at the grocery store. There are never any guarantees when it comes to working with the public. Therefore, as an adult, you must stay by their side at all times, even when you’re allowing them to take the lead.  

Develop Safety Plan

Before you begin the fundraiser, sit down and have a meeting with everyone that will be involved, including parents and children. The leader of the group should develop a set of written selling guidelines that includes ensuring that children will be accompanied by an adult during each outing. Maintain a community of core contacts that includes family members, neighbors, and parents’ friends and coworkers. If necessary, share information pertaining to safe areas to sell and any bad experiences anyone may have had in a particular area.


Continuously report back to the group so that everyone is aware and involved. As the fundraiser goes on, it may be necessary or appropriate to amend the safety guidelines, as everyone grows with experience and ventures into new areas.

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