3 Common Questions (and Answers) about Product Fundraisers

School Product Fundraisers

Product fundraisers can help bring in the money needed for school programs, but there are a few questions you might have about them.

If you are a group leader looking to raise money for a good cause through product fundraisers, there are a lot of questions to be considered. The burden of responsibility for fundraising can be heavy, and sometimes it’s easy for leaders to second guess their decisions with the pressures that fundraising can bring. In this spirit, we thought it would be a good idea to share some common questions that leaders of organizations have about product fundraisers, along with their answers.

1. Do Certain Product Fundraisers Work Better for Smaller Organizations than Bigger Ones?

If organized and executed well, the most popular sorts of product fundraisers, like frozen pizza and cookie dough, will work with any group. The size of the organization will not matter as much as the dedication and work of the sellers and volunteers running the campaign. Having parents and volunteers lined up and ready for the cause is the most important aspect of a successful fundraiser.

2. What Time of the Year is the Best Time to Run Product Fundraisers?

There’s no uniform “best time” of the year to run a fundraising campaign, but there may be a time that’s best for your specific organization. Check out your calendar and identify the events that are going on that could impact the success of your fundraiser. Fall fundraising is usually the most popular time, but often a spring fundraiser can be just as successful.

3. What are the Best Incentives to Offer to Sellers to Motivate Them?

It has been shown that creating an incentive program in fundraising drives sales and raises more money than those programs who do not have them. Consider the age of your sellers when considering the incentive structure and the rewards. The kinds of things that motivate elementary school children will not necessarily motivate middle schoolers or high schoolers. And if your group is not allowed to give out prizes, per se, you can still get creative with your rewards!

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