4 Fundraising Safety Tips

4 Fundraising Safety Tips

Ensure your child is always safe during their fundraising efforts!

A fundraiser can be a great way for a child to learn all sorts of valuable lessons outside of the classroom. By participating in a fundraiser, children can learn about things like finance, the importance of teamwork and why you need to set goals in life. All too often, a child can get wrapped up in the excitement of a fundraiser and a completely forget about their safety. Since this is the case, here are just a few ways to help keep your child safe at their next fundraiser!

Use The Buddy System

Don’t allow your child to fundraise by themselves! This could end up being a recipe for disaster. They should always be with at least another child. However, this is also extremely dependent on the child’s age. To ensure safety, it is a good idea that there is adult supervision at all kid fundraisers; however, at the very minimum, the buddy system should be in effect.

Don’t Flash Your Earnings

Children need to learn that there are unfortunately people in the world who are always looking to steal from others. A child should know that they need to keep their money tucked away and out of plain sight. Otherwise, someone may end up walking off with their profits when they have their backs turned.

Don’t Enter A Stranger’s Home

It should go without saying, but children should continuously be reminded that they are not to go into a stranger’s home. Many fundraisers involve door-to-door selling. If your child is participating in one of these, they need to know they are not to enter a stranger’s home under any circumstance.

Always Be Polite

Some people just get offended easier than other others. For this reason, children need to remember to use proper manners when they are fundraising. If you are a parent, you don’t want your child angering someone because they acted inappropriately.

Claire’s Gourmet Keeps Fundraising Fun!

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