PTO & PTA Fundraising

PTOs and PTAs provide invaluable support to schools, teachers, and administrators. By supporting the work of the school administration, encouraging volunteer participation, and enhancing programming, parental involvement is absolutely key in creating an engaging and effective learning environment. PTOs and PTAs also provide another crucial form of support: Fundraising. By taking on the responsibility of raising school funds, they will help their child’s elementary, middle, or high school ensure it has the funds it needs to provide vibrant after school programs such as band, cheerleading, youth sports, and more. Without the support of parental organizations, many of these programs simply wouldn’t be able to exist.

Managing a fundraiser can be complicated and you want to be sure to get the most bang for your buck without becoming completely overwhelmed with the details. To make the most of your PTO and PTA fundraising, you’ll need to rely on the help of an experienced fundraising company. Claire’s Gourmet is the perfect choice! For over 40 years, we have been providing expert fundraising support to schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and Delaware. With our high-quality products and thorough knowledge of school fundraising ideas, we will help ensure that your next fundraiser meets and exceeds your goals in a way that is manageable and stress-free.

Value and quality make all of the difference

At Claire’s Gourmet, our product selection sets us apart from the competition. You will see great success by providing high-quality items that parents can’t wait to buy. Our products are not only delicious, but they’re a great value as well. Made with busy families in mind, our selection of frozen meals, tasty treats, and gourmet desserts are perfect for parents who never seem to have enough time to cook but still want to provide their children with delicious meals. Our large gourmet desserts are great for holiday dinners and other gatherings.

Because our products are high in value and high in quality, your fundraiser will earn more money with less selling. Parents are eager to purchase our delicious and high-quality foods and will be eager to patronize your fundraiser year after year because of the value and quality of our products.

Customize your communications

We will customize all of your communications with specific information about your campaign to ensure that your fundraiser packets reflect what families need to know. With our free incentive rewards program, students will be excited to participate and we will make sure that all of the communications reflect your ultimate goals and include important information about relevant incentives and prizes for your participants.

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