High School Fundraising

If you’re planning a high school fundraiser and don’t even know where to start, Claire’s Gourmet is here to help. For over 40 years, we have been helping teachers, school administrators, and event organizers plan and execute fundraisers that not only raise impressive profits but are fun and hassle-free as well! With our delightful assortment of seriously delicious snacks, heat-and-serve meals, and gourmet desserts as well as our simple order tally tools and online ordering capabilities, we will make every aspect of your high school fundraiser a breeze!

Claire’s Gourmet is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, but we provide support to school fundraisers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Incentivize your high school fundraiser

The best way to maximize participation in your fundraiser is to provide great prizes that people can’t wait to win. Consider offering free prom tickets as a student incentive or even a trip for the top-earning class. We offer a free incentive rewards program and will customize all of our messaging to highlight the unique rewards you choose to offer so that your entire high school will get in on the challenge and raise more money than you ever thought possible.

Quality products that deliver value sell themselves

There’s nothing worse than trying to sell parents on lackluster food items that they won’t really enjoy. To make fundraising a breeze, you need to offer items that families can’t wait to purchase. With our great selection of treats, pizza, popcorn, and more, parents will be lining up to take some home! All of our products are truly delicious and offer great value as well, so busy on-the-go parents are eager to try them. Once they’ve tasted our delicious delights, they will look forward to your fundraiser year after year because they will know it’s their only opportunity to stock up on all of their Claire’s Gourmet favorites.

Fundraising shouldn’t be a hassle

One of the most overwhelming aspects of running a high school fundraiser is managing the details like overall profits and order tallies. When you work with Claire’s Gourmet, we handle all of that for you! We offer an easy-to-use online tallying system and we can provide you with reports that have been customized to the needs of your fundraiser, profit by student for example, so it will be easy to keep track of your success. From product selection to final tallies, our helpful customer service department will always be available to help you through the process so that your fundraiser is more profitable than you ever thought possible!

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