Music, Choir & Band Fundraising

The arts are an incredibly important part of any school curriculum, but as funds for these programs have continued to shrink, it’s become more and more important for choirs, bands, and school music programs to come up with their own capital to support their activities. Selling tickets to performances can only go so far, which is where music, choir, and band fundraising comes in. By encouraging friends and family members to purchase items that directly benefit your music program, you can raise the money your music programs need to remain viable and have a great time while doing it!

Unfortunately, fundraising can get complicated. From figuring out which products to sell to maximizing participation to keeping track of your fundraiser’s success, it can start to feel like a second job to manage your school fundraising program. That’s where Claire’s Gourmet comes in! With over 40 years of experience with providing support to fundraisers across the Mid-Atlantic region–including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Delaware, and New Jersey–we have all of the products and tools you need to ensure that your next fundraiser is a runaway hit.

Your fundraiser needs to be profitable

While there are many ways to raise funds for your school band, orchestra, or choir, not all methods are created equal. That’s why you need to focus on selling products that will practically sell themselves and bring in good profits for your school. At Claire’s Gourmet, we focus on providing high-quality foods that offer a great value, so parents and friends simply cannot wait to buy. Our gourmet desserts are ideal for holiday dinners and other gatherings! When parents have had a chance to try our delicious items, they won’t be able to wait for your next fundraiser and it will be easy to turn into an annual tradition. And with our free incentive rewards program, students will be excited to sell as much as they can!

Your fundraiser needs to be easy to manage

When you’re in charge of a school fundraiser, you’ll have a lot on your mind. From order totals to overall profit margins, you may start to get dizzy with the details. Luckily, Claire’s Gourmet is here to help. With our easy online tallying tools, intuitive reports, and online ordering capabilities that make it possible for out-of-town friends and family to participate, we make it easy to manage your fundraising program so that you can focus on maximizing participation and getting the most out of your event.

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