Elementary School Fundraising

An elementary school fundraiser should be fun, stress-free, and–most importantly–profitable! At Claire’s Gourmet, we have everything you need to make your next elementary school fundraiser a smashing success. From delightful products that parents will rave about to simple online tools that will make it easy to keep track of your success, we provide all of the support you require to help you raise more money than you ever thought possible for your school.

Since 1969, Claire’s Gourmet has been a one-stop-shop for elementary school and Pre-K fundraiser needs. Whether you are planning a small event or large, our incredible customer service team and high-quality products will ensure that you reach or exceed your goals. Plus, we offer a great incentive program so that sellers will be rewarded with awesome prizes that they can’t resist. That’s what we call a win-win! From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we offer fundraising for schools across the Mid-Atlantic, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Quality products make all the difference

When you choose Claire’s Gourmet for your elementary school fundraiser, you’ll be starting a new tradition that parents and families will look forward to year after year. That’s because we offer high-quality products at low prices which equals incredible value.

Let’s face it: Parents of elementary school-aged children are extremely busy. Between picking kids up from school and dropping them off at soccer practices and making sure they’ve done their homework, most families just don’t have time to focus on cooking. That’s why we offer a wide selection of convenient heat-and-serve meals, after school snacks and gourmet desserts that busy families simply cannot resist. Our large gourmet desserts are great for holiday dinners and other gatherings. Families truly love our products and look forward to purchasing them again and again. Send a dessert as a holiday gift anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Our easy online system makes tallying orders a breeze, and we’ll even provide you with reports so you can see what worked and what you can improve upon during your next school fundraiser.

Customized incentives will make your fundraiser a runaway hit

Offering unique incentives for your elementary school fundraiser is the best way to ensure that students and teachers are excited to participate. Claire’s Gourmet provides a FREE Prize Program, but in addition, how about offering a special field trip for your top sellers? A Pizza or Ice Cream party? A Homework or Out of Uniform Pass? Claire’s will customize all of our communications to highlight your incentives so that you can maximize participation and make more sales. If you have had fundraisers in the past that produced lackluster returns, let the experts at Claire’s help you organize and execute an exciting fundraiser that will bring in great profits for your elementary school!

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