Daycare & Preschool Fundraising

Whether your daycare wants to hold a fundraiser to earn funds for necessary operating expenses or for new playground equipment, the process of organizing one can be complicated. From deciding what to sell to keeping track of orders to figuring out your final profit margins, there is a lot that goes into planning a fundraiser. That’s why you’ll need the help of Claire’s Gourmet by your side for your next preschool fundraiser! We help you make the most of your fundraiser by taking care of all the details. With our simple online management tools and our amazingly high-quality, high-value products, we can help ensure that your fundraiser is a smashing success!

For over 40 years, Claire’s Gourmet has been providing exceptional fundraising support for daycares, schools, sports teams, and more. From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we support daycare fundraisers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Daycare fundraising requires a little know-how

Unlike with most other school fundraisers, children in daycare are usually too young to be in charge of selling products, so parents usually step in. This means that daycare fundraising is not only a good way to bring in necessary money, but also to encourage parents to get more involved in their child’s daycare as well. Since most of these parents have never been involved in fundraising (unless they have children in elementary school or middle school) they might require a fair amount of hand-holding. Luckily, Claire’s Gourmet makes it easy! We will supply you with all of the marketing materials that parents will need to hit the ground running. We’ll include all of the information that parents will need to know, including the types of products that are available and sales incentives that they can earn so that you can spend time managing what matters most – the children.

Exceptional products. Exceptional service

A daycare fundraiser will only be successful if people are excited to purchase the products you’re offering and with Claire’s Gourmet fundraisers, the products practically sell themselves! That’s because we are committed to providing truly delicious treats that are easy and convenient for on-the-go families. After all, we know how busy parents with daycare-aged children are. Who has time to cook? With our great selection of frozen meals, gourmet dessert, popcorn, and more, parents will see the value in the products that your fundraiser is selling and will be excited to participate. In fact, our products are so delicious that your fundraiser will likely become an annual event because families can’t wait to re-order!

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