Gourmet Desserts


At Claire’s Gourmet, we believe in creating products that not only serve a good cause, but that people can’t wait to buy because they’re so delicious! Busy parents love our selection of gourmet desserts that are incredibly high-quality, high value, and perfect for serving at a party or bringing along to a potluck. Our large gourmet desserts are great for holiday dinners and other gatherings.

Since 1969, we have been crafting gourmet treats that are made with busy families in mind. Our gourmet desserts are delivered frozen so that they can be enjoyed any time a craving strikes. From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, we distribute luscious gourmet desserts to support fundraisers all across the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. Your Claire’s Gourmet fundraiser will quickly become an annual tradition because your customers will be begging for more!

Irresistible products make selling a breeze

With Claire’s Gourmet, people won’t be able to get enough of your products! That’s because we focus on providing great quality desserts at a great value, so you’ll maximize your profits while minimizing the amount of work that you have to put in. Our selection of gourmet desserts make ideal gifts for friends and family over the holidays.

A few of the gourmet desserts we offer include:

  • Coffee Cakes. Whether you want a sweet little pick-me-up to share with coworkers or you need to make breakfast easy for your busy family, our delicious coffee cakes are the perfect morning treat.
  • Bundt Cakes. From luscious lemon to spectacular pineapple coconut swirl, our Bundt cakes come in at over 2 pounds, so you’re not only getting a delicious and beautiful dessert, but you’re getting a great value as well!
  • Cheesecakes. People truly cannot get enough of our cheesecakes! We offer a variety of flavors at an incredible value. Each cheesecake is over 3 lbs. and can easily serve a crowd, making them perfect for any gathering.
  • And more!

Some of our desserts are allergen-friendly and most of our products are completely free of trans fats, which makes them an easy sell for busy parents who want to choose a high quality dessert options. Whether you need to raise money for your dance troupe or cheerleading team, with our high-quality, delicious desserts, your fundraiser will be a breeze!


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