How to Succeed at Fundraising

There are a number of key aspects that go into conducting a successful fundraiser. The first step, as with any project, is developing a successful plan. Many schools and organizations simply don’t have the time, resources, or experience necessary to develop a customized fundraising program that will deliver results.

At Claire’s Gourmet, we’ve been perfecting the art of fundraising for over 45 years. Our program and our products are specifically designed to make fundraising success attainable for organizations of all types, including youth sports clubs, schools, high school clubs, and more. Since 1969 we’ve offered our high-quality fundraising program from our headquarters in Baltimore, MD to organizations across the Mid-Atlantic, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Selling Quality Products

The products you choose to sell during your fundraiser will have perhaps the biggest impact on the results of the event.

At Claire’s Gourmet, our emphasis is on value in all of our products. Thanks to this value, parents are eager to purchase the products and will patronize your fundraiser year after year. We choose products that practically sell themselves. Made with busy families in mind, our selection of gourmet desserts, pizza, popcorn, and other treats are perfect for parents who don’t have time to cook or simply want to spend their time enjoying these delicious treats, rather than making them. From our cheesecake to our cookies, we want your customers to feel as though their money was well spent.

Building a Strong Tradition

The strongest fundraisers become a regular tradition that parents and kids look forward to each year. Once you’ve held a fundraiser where parents, friends, and family have had a chance to try our exceptional desserts, popcorn, pizza, and other treats, you’ll find they will eagerly line up to purchase their favorites that they remember from your last event. Our large gourmet desserts are great for holiday dinners and other gatherings, making the holiday season a perfect time to host a fundraiser.

Prize Program and Customized Group Incentives

Incentives that are customized to appeal to your group are a great way to generate interest and motivate your participants. Whether you offer prizes for everyone who participates or top-tier prizes for the best performers, incentives are a sure way to help your fundraiser succeed. We will include information about our incentive program in all communications materials.

Online Ordering

Our strongest fundraisers have parents that are heavily involved in helping their kids sell, promoting the fundraiser to their own network of friends and family. This includes friends and family that are located out of town and wish to place their orders online.

Each fundraiser receives a special code to be entered at checkout that ensures the purchase is credited to your fundraiser. Simply supply your friends and family with the link to our online shopping site and your fundraising code.


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