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General Fundraising

What does Claire’s Gourmet provide to support our fundraiser?

Claire’s Gourmet provides each fundraiser with consulting and advice to help maximize your profits, free customized brochures and communications for each program, a free incentive awards program, free online tallying of orders, and online ordering. The entire system is designed to deliver maximum results with minimal effort on the part of the organization.

Why should we choose Claire’s Gourmet?

  1. Higher Quality
  2. Less Work
  3. Earn more Money

How often should we host a fundraiser?

We recommend that you establish an annual tradition, so parents know when to expect the next fundraiser. As parents purchase and enjoy their Claire’s Gourmet products year after year, they will line up for the next chance to support your organization. These products are great for the Holidays, we recommend one fundraiser in the fall (Thanksgiving or Christmas) and one fundraiser in the spring (Easter or Mother’s Day)

We’re ready to get started. What’s the first step?

The first step is a consultation with one of our fundraising experts to customize your fundraiser to meet your organization’s needs. Complete the form on the right or contact us here for more information.

What happens if I run out of room on my order form?

You can print more here:

All of our brochures & money have been turned in. What happens next?

You may use our convenient and easy to use Online Tally software to total and submit your orders. Click on the Chairperson Login tab. Your login information will be emailed to you prior to the end of the sale. Or you may scan and email all Summary Sheets to Or fax all of your  Summary Sheets to us, include a cover page with the number of pages you are faxing and number each page consecutively in the upper right-hand corner.

Our Fax number is 410-298-2502

Do we have to collect sales tax?

No, you do not have to collect tax on our food programs.

How should we distribute items to our customers once received?

  1. Line up the items as they appear on your Packing Slip (letters facing outward).
  2. Line up the prizes (if applicable) as they appear on your Packing Slip.
  3. Do not fill any individual orders until inventory has been taken.
  4. Only fill your orders from the packing slips that have been emailed to you by Claire’s Gourmet.
  5. Have your customer sign the packing slip after he/she receives their order.
  6. Keep all of the signed packing slips for your records.

Placing Orders

I bought some items through a fundraiser. The fundraiser is over. Can I purchase more items directly from you?

Yes, but only frozen food, Popcorn is currently not available. You may come to our Baltimore location and pick up items or order online and have items shipped directly to your home or office. Our address is 2010 Lord Baltimore Dr., Baltimore, MD 21244.

Can I order a cake and have it shipped on a specific date, to arrive for a birthday?

Yes. Place your order online and in the message box indicate when you would like the order to be shipped. Please note that we ship Monday through Wednesday only and cannot guarantee a specific arrival date.

How can I tell who has placed orders for my son or daughter?

When orders are placed on behalf of your child, a copy will be sent to the e-mail address provided during this quick registration process. Using your participant code and password, you can click on the Participant Log tab to check orders.

Ordering Online

How do I place an order online and ensure it is credited to my fundraiser?

Make sure persons ordering online enter your participant’s 6-digit code. Your brochure packet will contain your Organization Code. With this code in hand, simply click the participant account set up tab. You will have to register your son or daughter here as well as provide an active e-mail account.

How are online orders shipped?

Out of town family and friends can place their order online to be shipped directly to their home or office.

Local family and friends may have the option of shipping items to the participant’s school for pick up by the participant on the scheduled delivery date.

We don’t currently offer an option to pick up individual orders placed online at our facility. You may come to our facility to purchase and pick up items. Our Address is 2010 Lord Baltimore Dr., Baltimore, MD 21244.

Are all items available on the fundraiser brochure available for purchase online?

Due to the fragile nature or packaging of certain items, not all items are available for online purchase. Those items are marked as NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. You can come to our facility and pick up items. Our Address is 2010 Lord Baltimore Dr., Baltimore, MD 21244.

I placed an order online and received an error message that says to check with the merchant that my order was received. Did you receive it?

There was an error processing your order. Please call us at 410-298-2500 to verify that your order was received.

About Our Products(excluding popcorn)

I received your products, how should I store them?

All products should be stored in the freezer until ready to serve.

Can your products be refrozen?

All products can be refrozen without any loss in quality.

Where do I find the nutritional and allergy information about your products?

You can find this information on our website under Shop then View Products. For Popcorn and Candy, go to Products

What is the best way to serve your cakes & pies?

The best way to serve the cakes & pies is to place them in the refrigerator the night before allowing enough time for them to thaw. Cut the cakes & pies after they are thawed completely.

What are the heating instructions for the Apple Pie?

The apple pie is fully baked. Thaw first. If you would like the pie warmed, place pie on a pan on the center rack of oven. Heat oven to 325 degrees, for about 15 min. We do not recommend heating the pie in the microwave.

What are the heating instructions for the pizzas?

See Our Products and Fundraisers on the website for complete baking and/or heating instructions. These instructions are also included with the product.


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