Service & Club Fundraising

Whether you run skills club or a group focused on community service, you’ll need funds to operate. From purchasing food and drinks to use during meetings to coordinating travel and outreach logistics, managing service groups and extracurricular clubs require funds which schools generally do not have the resources to provide. That’s where service and club fundraising comes in! By holding fundraisers for your group, you will be able to raise the money from family and friends that will ensure you can continue providing the high-quality programming that your students need to thrive. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser for rec leagues or a school club, Claire’s Gourmet has the details covered.

From our headquarters in Baltimore, MD, Claire’s Gourmet, provides service group and school club fundraising support to groups throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With more than 40 years of experience in the fundraising industry, we will not only provide you with the highest quality products that parents and families will be eager to buy, but we’ll ensure that your fundraiser is easy to manage with our simple tools and streamlined communications. Discover the difference Claire’s can make during your next fundraiser!

High-quality products with exceptional value. High-quality service

If you have held fundraisers in the past, you were probably frustrated by how much work they required. At Claire’s Gourmet, we focus on providing delicious frozen meals, gourmet desserts, and delicious treats that are easy to serve and provide a great value for busy families. Our large gourmet desserts are ideal for large family gatherings. Once you’ve held a fundraiser where you’ve sold our products, parents will eagerly line up to purchase their favorites that they remember from your last event. Thanks to our higher quality, you’ll see great returns on all of your sales and your profits will exceed your expectations.

We also make it easy to keep track of the success of your fundraiser. With our online order tallying system, we keep tabs on how many orders have been placed so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will also customize all of our communications so that your incentives and prizes will get students excited to participate! When your fundraiser is ready to wrap up, we’ll even provide you with reports that have been tailored to your event so that you know exactly how much money you earned, quickly and easily.

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